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Kelly boutique was born with love for elegance and beautiful fabrics. Clément De Clercq carefully selects magnificent pieces of clothes, shoes and fashion accessories made by brands of the highest quality and modern style.

Kelly collections aim to transform those who wear them and let them move and live their life intensely. Kelly doesn’t follow fashion trends, she creates them. She loves creativity, originality, elegance, and more importantly, simplicity. Kelly feels great in her own skin, thus she is confident wearing simple design, but sometimes she prefers to be extravert and a bit more serious. From time to time, she favors ostentation and ephemeral quality, but her lifestyle always remains elegant and sophisticated. After walking through the door of Kelly boutique you will immediately feel as if you visited an old friend of yours. Visit us and our stylists will carefully advise you how to find your own unique sense of style and to how to start to feel your own true self. 

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